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Fascinating Facts
Fascinating Facts Fascinating Facts Fascinating Facts

Fascinating Facts

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Reasons for Hope presents . . .


Questions you’ve never asked that we have the answers for!

What is a stink bull? 
What do you call a group of rhinos? A group of zebras?
Is an elephant really flat-footed?

Get ready to embark on a learning safari of fascinating facts!
Then, use your new knowledge to become a “tour guide”
on your next field trip to the zoo!


A Welcome from Carl Kerby!

Thank you for taking a “walk” with us through Africa to learn about some of the incredible animals in this part of the world. We are excited to share many of our Creator’s Fascinating Facts with you and to train and equip you with knowledge—knowledge that will enable you to have a ministry in a zoo setting, sharing God’s amazing design with those who may never have heard anything but an evolutionary perspective.

As a brand-new Christian, my first Sunday School teacher taught that God used evolution to create the universe and life within it, AND that Genesis was compatible with evolution. I knew nothing else, so I believed him.  Years later, when I first heard about “creationism,” I was initially skeptical, to say the least.

Today, a major reason I don’t believe evolution is because of the evidence that I see in the world. It just doesn’t fit with slow, gradual, naturalistic processes and is absolutely consistent with what God taught in the Bible.

I sincerely believe that these pocket guides can transform someone’s thinking from the mistaken belief that God didn’t do what He told us He did to believing His Word—that He did what He said He did exactly the way that He said He did it.

Use these amazing facts and turn your local zoo into a classroom (and a mission field) to show God’s glory. I guarantee that as you teach these facts while standing near the zoo exhibits, there will be others who will listen in.

Have fun with this and exude passion as you present God’s creatures in one of the coolest classrooms on the planet! Use the secular information we include to teach what those who don’t know God believe. THEN, teach what the Word of God says about these things, and let those that hear make an informed decision. As I always tell myself, STAY BOLD!