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Leaders Guide, Homeschool Edition - extra copy

Leaders Guide, Homeschool Edition - extra copy


Leader’s Guide, Homeschool Edition specifically for home and family study

Includes all information a parent or guardian needs to successfully navigate this unit study (Introductory material and fully-developed lesson plans, including opening and family-building activities)


IMPACT curriculum trains and equips young adult believers to stand boldly on the Word of God. It helps them know why they believe what they believe so that, in turn, they can live and share their faith with confidence.

Unit 1: Foundations begins with the basic principles of apologetics, biblical worldview, and critical thinking. This groundwork prepares students to unpack the rich content of the attention-grabbing DeBunked videos while they build relationships with others, actively apply the lesson content, and find true purpose in planting seeds of faith in a world that needs the hope of Christ.